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My name is Charles Martinez.  I'm from Orlando, FL (Born in Springfield, MA).  I graduated from the University of Central Florida.  I did not study music.  I went to college for Business.  Regardless of what you do, you are a brand.  Building that brand like a business is crucial to growth in your career.

I learned to produce beats through trial and error.  I had a cracked version of FL Studio on the world's slowest laptop.  I didn't have a midi keyboard, launchpad, controller, mic, external sound packs, or anything fancy whatsoever.  Everything I used was stock from the program itself.  I had zero experience making beats or songwriting, but one day I decided to dive in and give it a try.

I am an independent artist.  I produce all of my own beats.  I own all the masters to my songs.  I am registered through BMI, Soundexchange, Songtrust, and Distrokid for all my distribution/royalty claims.  All my music is copyrighted through the US government.

*If you are a new artist, be sure to research all of these! I listed them for that reason :)

Dreamchasing is extremely scary.  It can make you doubt, everyday.  It can leave you fearful of the future.  Even when supported, you can feel alone.  Never give up.  Be patient.  As long as you keep on moving forward, nothing can stop you from reaching where you're meant to be.

"Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, designed to strengthen your character...not change your personality.  Always be you."

                                          - CL KID

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