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One Location, Every Song

Better Than I've Ever Been Album Art.png

Better Than I've Ever Been


"Can't stop me lately

I've been on my game can't phase me

I'm not waiting on nobody

I've been working on me daily"



"Live the dream, never wake up

Everything we say tough

Upgrade on the way up

Really can you blame us

Live a different life we famous"

Famous Album Art
You Don't Know Me Album Art

You Don't Know Me


"Got a soft side that you won't show

Got a big heart keep it on the low

Wanna trust love but you're so cold

You don't know me"



"Now we choosy

All the girls that are back in my town they say they knew me

When they see us roll round and round all day we cruisin"

Choosy Album Art
Let It Go Album Art

Let It Go


"Ain't gonna block you

Ain't gonna check

Still get pix from the ex

Look thru the texts

List is grande, thank you next"

All Alone


"But lately

You're lonely

I've felt that

So closely

It's all good

It's all good

If only"

All Alone Album Art
Feel Me Album Art

Feel Me


"I'm all alone

I give my love

Don't get no love

It's all I know

Another path to travel down

My broken soul"

Memories (Bonnie pt. 2)


"I remember back when I would contemplate the pain I felt

I would sit for hours

Try my hardest to contain myself

Living with this darkness like an artist

I could paint my Hell

Verbally expressin' my aggression

Till I hate myself"

Memories Album Art
I'll Be the One Album Art

I'll Be the One


"I'm on my own grind but my dedications a hundred
I’ma always give you effort you'll never think that I wasn't
In love with every bit of you, demonstrate that in public
I put me and you together, forever nothin above it"



"If you only knew the sh** that I do to battle it daily
You would never take a second to bury or try to play me
My melodics be psychotic ironically kinda crazy
And if it wasn't for the north, nah that kinda sh** made me"

Invisible/Lonesome Album Art
Lonesome Album Art



"Couldn't picture life without her so picked up my pen an drew it
Threw my heart into my lyrics, emotions that got me thru it
Learned some knowledge from my college, abolished it, I don't use it
I don't want no regular life, f*** that sh** I can do this"



"I used to have a bucket list
Now it's just a f*** it list
I suffered from rejection til I finally had enough of it
Obsessed with this obsession now emotionally I'm stuck with it
I used to hate the pain from it
I finally fell in love with it"

Bonnie Album Art
Ridin Album Art



"You can see me ridin'
You can see me ridin'
Rollin down rodeo in that mayo whip its slidin' brah"



"It all just seems so crazy how this came to be
I wish that you could feel this cause it's real to me
But lately its been feeling like there's something off
I feel it everyday and it goes on and on"

Invisible Album Art
Paradise Album Art



"Look over money like Alfred, chain drip on my outfit
Duffle bags, bubble baths, from the same b**** that I ousted"

Towel of My Own


"Now if you only knew what I'm feelin'
Broken hearted, start the healin'
Never been the same since I left you girl"

Towel of My Own Album Art
Sleepless Nights Album Art

Sleepless Nights


"Walk alone on this trail
Through the dark night like Chris Bale"



"Cause I ain't been focused

Gonna die on my own well that's what the joke is

Love life’s been hopeless

Bout as real as it gets since the day that I wrote this"

Revelation Album Art
Flex Album Art



"Carry the torch like I'm standing in the harbor

Get national attention call me Bryce Harper

Beyon' what ya say man call me Shawn Carter

Your words cant reach me I sit a bit farther"



"Your mouth hates me but your ears love me

So you can talk all you want but your always gonna hear from me

I fear nothing"

Bad Album Art
Take Me On Album Art

Take Me On


"I'ma give it to you straight like DMX did

I handle bars like BMX kids"

Come & Go


"It really drives me crazy

That you would try me baby

You said you loved me but you didn't even try an save me

Have you been crying lately

Cause if you feelin like I'm feelin than you dying baby"

Come & Go Album Art
This is the Life Album Art

This Is the Life


"Went from, working at the store, used to bag produce

Now I produce in my own booth

This is how I own you, tell you what I'm gon’ do

Then I follow thru do exactly how I told you"

Killin' Em Softly


"It's Miller time an I'm pullin up for three I'm a baller on the court, ya’ll just Spike Lee

Ya’ll pullin up a seat

You ain't never been there, you will never be

Renamed a legend"

Killin Em Softly Album Art
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